Sunday, August 14, 2005


My rage and indignation know no bounds.

I don't know how we can let something like this happen as a nation, yet I also don't see any real recourse. I would suggest something like chaining oneself to the buildings currently on the land, or suing the government, again, for incomplete restitution, but this seems insufficient.

There was a documentary made recently about the Weather Underground, a group of radical revolutionaries during the Vietnam era who were protesting government action in Vietnam and around the world, and eventually just started protesting whatever they wanted. The members lived underground (not literally, of course) and spent their time bombing things, like police stations and the pentagon. They lasted for 11 years, bombing major government buildings about once every month, and were never caught, even though the FBI was actively searching for them. They never killed anyone in their bombings, which was just as they intended. Eventually, they all turned themselves in, but the FBI couldn't prosecute them, as the means they used to gather evidence against them were so unconstitutional that it wouldn't hold up in court.

While radical and somewhat silly, there seems something romantic about hiding from big brother and fighting for a revolution, to restore the "freest nation in the world" to the namesake that it claims. Anyone up for a little Weather Underground 2005?


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