Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pray for me

Surprise, surprise; prayer doesn't work [free subscription req].

Seems as though prayer for other people, without their knowledge, has no measurable effects. Reminds me of the time my father's men's group at church started a pact whereby they would each focus their prayer power on a single thing for 23 days (or some such amount of time), expecting positive change. I believe that after talking to my father about it after I heard their plan I sufficiently convinced him to abandon the project. First of all, thou shalt not test the Lord your God, or whatever the hell that part says. Second, if it didn't work, what then? Did God forsake them? If they use the "God works in mysterious ways, it wasn't his will" excuse, then there isn't any point for the exercise, as He would do it anyway, regardless of prayer. Lastly, if it does work, so what? What does it prove?

How did such a silly practice ever get started?

[Hat tip to the Vegblog]


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