Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Recently, while house-sitting, I stumbled upon the game "Anti-Monopoly," a cheap knock-off of everyone's favorite property rights game. The game involved, in short, traveling around a board (11 spaces by 11 spaces) and placing indictment chips on businesses (cleverly named things like Stundart Oil or Egson) in order to bust the trust, oligopolies, and monopolies. In the end, the game was won by accumulating "social credit points" for busting said monopolies.

The propagandic effects of games like this are probably over-rated, and even Monopoly, an originally satiric game, seems to have failed in its original message, as pointed out in this post. All the same, the further effects of Anti-monopoly make the game seem even more silly: in the end, everyone wins, as the players work together to bust the trusts. Then the businesses, now making less money, pay less in taxes to the government who pays the trust-busters' salaries. Eventually, all the players lose, as they are laid off due to insufficient government funding. Cue "whammy" sound.

For some reason, I keep humming the new Nine Inch Nails single "The Hand the Feeds" to myself...


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