Monday, June 06, 2005

Sex Minded

Reading this post at first almost made me think he was writing something against gay-rights, but the point David Velleman eventually makes is both tolerant and intelligent. It reminds me a lot of a note in the appendix to Robert Wright's book The Moral Animal, a question on whether evolutionary psychology validates homosexuality as a "moral" lifestyle.

Both Velleman and Wright, as well as myself, assert that homosexuality is no more dictated by our genes as is our taste in music, but that this neither makes homosexuality moral nor immoral. As Wright points out, if those things that were "natural" from an evolutionary standpoint were always moral, then things like infanticide, adultery, and some murder would be moral. Rather, morality, especially in the realm of sexuality, is a topic not so easily answered, and certainly not one that could be mandated firmly by some scientific studies.

As Velleman says, it is unlikely that we will ever get people, especially right-wing America, to stop moralizing sexual orientation. We can, though, attempt to make people realize that it is not their business; not any more than taste in music or business transactions are some third party's concern. Science isn't going to save gay rights, personal freedoms and individual liberties are.


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