Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mike Mentzer

A recent Google search lead me to, perhaps, the greatest integration of philosophy, particularly Objectivist philosophy, that I've ever seen. On the Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty site, nominally about bodybuilding, one finds this essay which uses as Randian interpretation of aesthetics to justify why a painting of two people embracing should depict them as bodybuilders.

Furthermore, there is this essay, on Randian heroism. Some choice cuts:
What is it that unites Achilles, Cyrano, Isaac Newton, John Galt and Ayn Rand? What is it that differentiates them from: both the folks next door, and from Iago, Ellsworth Toohey, Adolf Hitler, Hilary Clinton?
Yes, you caught that right, he did just lump Hilary in with all those folks.
In my judgment, Ayn Rand is one of the greatest heroes in the history of mankind.
I'm not saying he's wrong here, but what exactly is his Ph.D. in, and why is he writing for a bodybuilder's website?
The hero is one who holds rational values and fights for them, if necessary, against every conceivable form of opposition.
This is, again, is not necessarily wrong, but perhaps a little unclear. Must one fight? In We The Living, for example (which I'm just getting around to reading this summer), is Andrei more the hero for fighting for life from within the Communist regime, or is Kira for not fighting at all, but rather "living"?
Heroism requires value conflict.

But Kira faces value conflict, she simply ignores it for the sake of living her own life.

And you thought bodybuilders were just mindless metal movers.


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