Sunday, May 01, 2005


I was recently pointed by a friend to this incredible site, called PostSecret. The premise: People anonymously send postcards to the keeper of this blog describing the deep, dark secrets that people have never told anyone. These cards are displayed for all the internet to see, but cannot be traced back to their original author.

I guess the idea of anonymous shout-outs has been around awhile, since newspaper classifieds at least. The idea, though, is pretty stellar, especially in combining it with artwork. I mean, these post cards are truly works of art in their own right, and they have to be creative for the blogger, "Frank," to even choose them to be posted.

Some are shockingly depressing. Others, though, seem like they need attention from the authorities. These postcards aren't really traceable, but just like priests who hear confessions from people who might harm others and have to break the seal of the confessional, wouldn't there be some sort of stipulation for intervention here? I suppose that's the beauty of anonymity.

I haven't decided what I think of this project outside of its artistic value. It is kind of like group therapy in many ways, but it is also pretty depressing.

As art, I think the authenticity really cuts, and that's what makes these incredible to view. There is supposedly a traveling exhibit, which I would love to see some day.


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