Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I have a vested interest in the Catholic church only so much as my family is made up of practicing Catholics, and as far as I was raised in that tradition. I don't much associate myself with the Catholic church, but my days for now are certainly done. A week ago I only half jokingly told some friends that if Ratzinger was elected Pope I would officially sever all remaining ties with the Catholic church.

Well, here we are. Although I don't claim to be any authority on the subject, what I know about Ratzinger leads me to dislike the man vehemently. He is exactly what I dislike about the church; the ultra-conservative, close-minded, dictator that will most certainly take the church back a few steps. I guess my hopes for Vatican III aren't really viable now.

Catallarchy has an interesting perspective on the situation. Essentially, Randall McElroy predicts, the church is on the way out, either by way of decreasing membership or by way of weakening values. It may be true, maybe not. While they church is losing members, it hasn't lost them all, at least not yet, and I still see a strong population of Catholics, at least where I live. Perhaps the church will just see a scaling back, and not a full collapse.

Of course, Ratzinger might be the greatest pope ever. He might redirect the path of the church towards happiness and freedom and open-mindedness and liberty, and he might reunite the churches of the world into one big happy family. Still, I can't expect much from a man who once served for Hitler Youth...


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...served in the Hitler Youth when it was compulsory.

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