Friday, April 15, 2005


I don't see what the big deal is over the pharmacist controversy. Here's the solution, plain and simple: don't work a job that requires you to perform some task you find immoral. The issue here is tantamount to a soldier in the Army declining to go to war because he finds killing reprehensible. If you really feel that way, when why enlist in the first place?

David Boaz hints at this simple solution in Cato's daily commentary. The thrust of the argument, though, is the idea that rights cannot conflict. The only way by which to believe in personal rights and, at the same time, have them not conflict with each other is to make sure that the rights you're promulgating are only negative rights, not positive ones. When our conception of rights is purely based on prohibitions about force that we cannot enact on others, then the society we live in allows for the most freedom possible with the least contradiction and political confusion.


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