Sunday, April 03, 2005

Miscellanea II

A few quick treats to finish off your April Fools Day weekend, and perhaps give you a little study/work break (as that is what these are for me):

Johan Norberg discusses John Paul II, albeit briefly, here. If nothing else, the pope was a proponent of human rights, something that no free nation can exist without.

Left2Right brings to our attention the issue of asexuals, and how their plight might bring some new ammunition for the gay rights movement. I don't, though, know what this means:
Those who think that homosexuality is immoral because it's unnatural, and unnatural because it's contrary to evolution -- they must think that asexuality is immoral for the same reason. Right?
I don't know of any evolutionary psychologists that say that homosexuality is intrinsically bad, I only know Thomistic sort of arguments in this vein. David V. should have left evolution out of this altogether. The rest sounds about right, though, even if it is a little silly.

Lastly, the Neolibertarian movement is heating up. I wasn't even aware that libertarianism had been around long enough to need a "neo-" prefix, but if you're interested in some liberty minded reading, check this out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment thread at hit and run on this subject is pretty funny. Be careful about recommending "liberty minded reading" - some folks have dubbed "neolibertarianism" as "statisti libertarianism," which seems fair given that Jon Henke described his movement as "Hobbesian libertarianism." I recommend staying in the libertarian wing of libertarianism :-P

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