Thursday, January 27, 2005


It is a shame that our present government has lost all sense of natural rights for its citizens. Instead of guaranteeing those crucial elements of existence for society, the government, or rather, the people who comprise the government, have decided instead to tread on rights, obstruct liberty, forcefully take property, and enforce the opinion of a tyrannical majority on all people.

The reason why individuals band together to form societies and governments is simply out of self interest. By agreeing mutually that we all respect one another's right to life we each assure for ourselves the ability to live and exist in a relatively safe world. Without this assurance, we surely could never even begin to explore the realms of our own potentiality, as we would be so preoccupied with watching our backs that we would never be able to produce, create, and be happy.

Beyond this assurance of the right to life - and, of course, its subsidiary properties of liberty and property rights - we only live in societies in order to trade, socialize, and mutually benefit from interactions with one another. The government, therefore, has no jurisdiction beyond that of securing the right to life for its individuals.

Instead of seeing this as the freeing and liberating proposition that it is, people at large tend to only see those things that they have become accustomed to that will be removed from government jurisdiction. For instance, people are used to free education for all children; they are used to free use roads and public transportation; they are used to libraries and public pools; they are used to being told how to invest their money into pyramid schemes. When we remove these unnecessary elements from the federal government, we end up with the very best possible outcome, that is, a government for the people, by the people, and of the people.

I advocate privatization in all these areas. Moving towards a private education system creates the most efficient schools and allows parents to more effectively control what sort of education their child gets. Moving away from socialized roads allows people to only pay for what they will use. All of these different topics deserve their own post, but let it suffice for now to say that both morally and economically these superfluous government actions are unsound.

The best way to imagine the role of the government in society is to envision the term "anti-coercion arbiter." By this we mean that the government is in place to create the facilities, that is, police and national defense, by which to secure its citizen's freedom from coercion. Coercion is the diametric opposite of freedom; it is force choice. Therefore, the government's role is to stop coercion among citizens, and coercion enacted from other nation states.

To this end, the government is primarily composed of a police force and a national defense, that is, the armed forces. Additionally, it is important to have a justice system, very much like the one currently in place, in order to arbitrate situations that might not be so black and white. In order to organize this system and for the sake of international relations, a heiarchy of some sort is required, that is, an executive branch, and we require a selection of lawmakers as well who can represent sections of the populace. It seems that the founding fathers of our great nation were thinking pretty well when they drafted the constitution. In fact, were our current government to restrict itself to the powers delineated in the constitution without the rampant abuse of the elastic clause we might find that government in general would be a lot more ethical, efficient, and philosophically sound.

The moral of the story is this: a government that has bloated to the size of the current US government it as unhealthy as the obesity epidemic that is also sweeping our nation. Both bloated government and bloated stomachs serve only to kill us slowly, and both must be avoided and rectified before it is too late.


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